Cowboy Dressage Shows, Courts, and Tests.

How to organise, set up and ride a test.

So, how is your Cowboy Dressage journey going?

Whether you're a complete beginner, or already an accomplished rider, it is never too soon or too late to start adding Soft Feel to your life. It doesn't even have to be restricted to your 'horse life'. Soft Feel is good to practise in everything you do.

In Cowboy Dressage® we like to take our time to train our horses, and our selfves. Perfection is the aim, but Soft Feel is the goal. To check how your progress is going, we have designed tests. These tests are designed with a progressing level of difficulty. It is recommended you only progress to the next level when you've just about perfected your current level. 

There is no set time in which you are 'supposed' to go through the levels. Some ride or train every day, some weekly and some not even that. Some have talented horses, some have 'not naturally born riding horses'. And as horses can live into their 30's,  what's the rush? There is always more to learn. 

In this section you will find not only the tests, but also information about how the tests are scored, and visual diagrams how the test are to be ridden. 
Furthermore, you will find some information here about organizing a Show or Gathering.
Just contact us for information and help.

Please note: only when Cowboy Dressage® recognised Judges are judging it is a real Cowboy Dressage® Show or Gathering.
These will also be published in our Events section on this website.


Cowboy Dressage
'Riding, Training, and Competing with Kindness as the Goal and Guiding Principle.'
Coauthered by Eitan Beth-Halachmy, first published in 2015

The Cowboy Way'
Coauthered by Eitan Beth-Halachmy, first published in 2018