Sponsorship can come in many shapes and forms

Very little in life comes for free

As we all know, horses are an expensive hobby. Even though Cowboy Dressage® clinicians and ambassadors might be considered dedicated volunteers, they are also training professionals and it wouldn't be fair to have them pay for everything themselves. Since the core of the Cowboy Dressage® organization is based across the pond in the USA, there are high costs involved in getting clinicians over here, or to send clinicians over there to get educated by Eitan and the Partners. Even for our European clinicians and ambassadors there are different travel costs to be reckoned with.
Besides the travel costs, there is also the costs of promotional materials and advertising to consider. A promotional boot at an event rarely comes for free.

In order to keep the participation fees for events as low as possible, we are always on the lookout for smart sponsorship deals, which can take many shapes and forms.

Perhaps you can provide a riding facility to host a Cowboy Dressage® event at a reduced tariff or even for free, in exchange for some advertisement in our communications, or you may want to sponsor a goody-bag?  Maybe you can provide our clinicians with accommodations for the duration of a clinic? Long-term sponsorships are also a possibility.

If you have an idea how you can sponsor us in promoting Cowboy Dressage®, we have ways to make it beneficial to you too.
Just contact us to discuss the possibilities.
Every little bit counts!