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"Saddle up and get started on the journey of a lifetime."

Our Memberships

Join us, it only takes a Handshake.
In many ways, the Old West was a simple time, led by an unwritten Code of Honour.
This code was a moral compass for many, guided by a man’s word of morality and decency. It represents fairness, loyalty, living each day with courage, and respect for the land.

In those days, a person’s handshake was a symbol of a man’s integrity and the Old West Code of Honour. A handshake assured upholding of moral principles. Banks would loan money on a handshake. Business was completed with a handshake. A man was taught to never go back on a handshake; his handshake was an acknowledgement of honour.
There were no 30-page documents with places for 15 signatures and a notary stamp.  
Men simply shook hands, which sealed the deal.

We invite you (not just men!) to become a member of Cowboy Dressage for free,
completing the deal with just a (virtual) handshake.
Read more about it, or join us directly.
If you want to take it a step further; Join our Cowboy Dressage Remuda.
Remuda: the herd of horses from which those to be used for the day are chosen.

The Remuda is the paid membership option for Cowboy Dressage®.
It offers you to the possibility to accumulate points towards the year end high points award for your chosen level.

Since we don't have an official Cowboy Dressage® judge in Europe yet, and we therefor don't have any official tests to be ridden in order to accumulate points, it might seem somewhat useless to join the Cowboy Dressage® Remuda at this point in time. (August 2019)
However, with your subscription you also send the signal to CDW that you take you pledge seriously, and you too want to show your abilities in riding with Soft Feel. Your annual membership fee can also go toward educating more Cowboy Dressage® judges and clinicians in Europe, and therefor building Cowboy Dressage® in Europe.

More information is to be found here
To sign up for an annual $50, - adult membership directly, click here
Please note: you will need a Paypal account. 

Our promise to you:

With OUR part of the handshake pledge and our word, we promise to:
- Continue to educate and teach at all levels.
- Keep Cowboy Dressage simple.
- Provide tests, rules and information to those who wish to show.
- Support and educate individuals outside the show ring who want to improve their skills.
- Maintain Cowboy Dressage as a grassroots, horse- and horsemanship-focused movement.
- Make Cowboy Dressage affordable to everyone.
- To always be supportive and non-judgmental.
- To enjoy the camaraderie of Cowboy Dressage members.
- Most importantly, to support the “try” in you and your horse.


Your promise to us:

With YOUR handshake and your word, you pledge to “try” to:
- Become the person others can trust with a handshake and your word.
- Exemplify the Cowboy Dressage way of life and philosophy.
- Find the courage to chase your dreams.
- Treat all horses and people with integrity and kindness.
- Look for the “try” in your horses and always reward them.
- Look for the “try” in people as you travel down your horsemanship path.
- Not berate yourself for what you view as mistakes or failures; it’s all a learning experience.
- Have fun!