Time to share the fun at some Events

"A Gathering isn't just about riding horses, it's also about sharing the Lifestyle."

Cowboy Dressage clinic 2016, Austria

What's it all about?

In Cowboy Dressage it is all about Soft Feel, Partnership and having fun. But it is also nice to check how your Cowboy Dressage® journey is developing. To show your Cowboy Dressage® friends how you and your horse are progressing. So we do have several events you might like to attend. These can be Clinics, Playdays, Shows or Gatherings.
A Clinic/Workshop:
An opportunity to learn. 
This can be a general clinic/workshop or have a specific topic or focus.
Open to everyone interested, no western tack requirement.
A recognised Cowboy Dressage® clinician will be teaching this clinic/workshop.
A Playday:
An opportunity to ride in a different environment, an opportunity to learn from doing, an opportunity to meet like-minded horsemen and horsewomen and help each other.
Open to everyone interested, no western tack requirement.
Play Days do not need a recognised CDW professional to attend.
A (regional) Show:
An opportunity to show and learn,
Open to everyone, Handshake membership is encouraged.
Remuda members can and earn point towards the Year End High Point Award.
Western tack is preferred. (In the USA western tack is mandatory!)
A recognised Cowboy Dressage® Judge is required.
A Gathering;
The 'big' show, our (regional) Championship.
A mandatory non Remuda Member Fee will be charged when applicable.
Western tack is also mandatory.
Judged by recognised Cowboy Dressage® judges.

Only events with, or organised by, recognised Cowboy Dressage® ambassadors, clinicians and/or judges will be published on this website.
You might also check the 'Cowboy Dressage World' Facebook accounts for events and information in your region. 

To submit your European event for publication, please contact us by email.
For publication on the CDW website, please contact CDW via the CDW website.

European Events

Visit our European Events page to check out all our official Cowboy Dressage® Events,
or check the national 'Cowboy Dressage World' Facebook pages on our 'Contact' page.

CDW / USA Events

Go to our Events USA page to learn more about the CDW events and activities.
Check out the CDW Events page for American and CDW events like the Cowboy Dressage® World Gathering.